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Companion animal bereavement
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Are you preparing yourself for a loss of your beloved animal or maybe you’re experiencing grief having lost your pet?
You’re feeling so upset but not sure how you can deal with these huge feelings – will others understand?
You don’t feel life will ever feel the same again but have so many feelings of guilt around the decision you had to make...
When the loss of your pet leaves you in so much pain
Your feelings show the depth of your love

Having a companion animal is such a blessing; experiencing unconditional love, that constant loyalty and the day by day routine and the simplicity of the relationship.

The huge downside is the vulnerability of our pets and the fact they often only live for such a short time whilst having a huge impact on those of us who love them live life again.

I am here if you need to share. You can talk about things such as euthanasia, cost of vet care, decisions taken and if anything traumatic has happened to your beloved animal. It may be your animal has been lost or stolen and you need to somehow begin to live life again.

My service is more unique than many 'pet bereavement counsellors' in that I have extensive experience in working with relational/family issues as a qualified therapeutic counsellor. Sometimes one painful loss in our life can also raise issues from the past such as other losses that have occurred or other difficulties we've experienced earlier in our lives.

Many 'pet bereavement counsellors' have training in how to help specifically with the loss of the companion animal. If other issues then become apparent for you, they will not be able to support you through those because of a lack of experience/training in those areas, so they would need to refer you to someone who can help with other difficulties.

BACP registered member
I can provide you with continued support

As a BACP registered member, having years of experience of working with families, couples, adults and children often focusing upon relational concerns I am able to stay with you.

If this painful and important loss raises other concerns, we can continue to look at them together safe in the knowledge I have skills, training and experience to support you competently and safely.

As an animal lover, with animals in my life since being a small child, I fully understand the nature of the human and animal bond. My animals have always been members of my family, my best friend, my link to a social life and the local community, a way to nurture, a therapeutic presence and many, many more sources of support to me. That two-way process of me simply providing love, care, food and exercise to my animal to reap the rewards I've just outlined has meant I totally understand how painful it can be when you lose such a friend from your life.

I have been supporting pet bereavement clients since I qualified in 2013 and have undertaken further specific training, just gaining a distinction in a certificate in pet bereavement counselling in addition to my other counselling qualifications.

Here are some words to explain my feelings about my experience of anticipatory loss. That place of such intense, painful uncertainty and the need to try to be in the moment with the animal we love who is approaching end of life, so as not to show and communicate how truly worried and scared we are....

The loss of a beloved animal can affect us in many ways, if you want to share your feelings with someone who fully understands, I'm here to help you. Click on the button below, share your details with me and I shall get back to you.

Our Time to Be
Words showing what you mean to me

I love you more than words can say
You fill my life with love everyday
Your needs are small your worth is great
But one day soon we’ll approach the date
Where your legs will weaken
Your running will slow
My heart will stutter
And I will know.
Rainbow bridge is coming into view
Our time ‘to be’, my time with you
Is approaching our unbearable end
But until that happens
Love will abound, we’ll cuddle, we’ll play
And I shall attend

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