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Supporting families to feel more connected
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Family Counselling
Supporting families to feel more connected

We can all struggle with changes in family life. Perhaps your children are getting older and there are now more clashes between you at home?

There could be family anxieties around changes in family life, perhaps difficulties with a family break up or a change in behaviour of a family member?

Has there been a recent loss or illness where life has changed for ever and everyone is affected but doesn't know what to do so you feel like you are walking on eggshells?

No-one has all the answers to family difficulties. Each family is as unique as the family members in it! It can seem like an unsolvable puzzle.

In an inclusive and accepting way, I can help give a voice to each family member. We can look together at the view of the family through everyone's eyes and by using empathy and understanding we can begin to uncover the true feelings that are leading to the disconnect.
The simple but effective process of listening to each other is often all that is needed in then looking at small changes to be made to offer nurture, validation, safe limits within family life that can help a family to move forward together.

A family can often become 'contaminated' by the fast pace of the world, the unrealistic expectations portrayed by social media, TV programmes, glossy media about what family life should be. Together we will look at all the strengths that are already existing within your family, that you've temporarily lost sight of or, that you may never have realised are there!
We then focus on the areas that are causing you difficulty and how change can be made for the better for you all.

It is often the smallest and simplest of changes that make a healthy, huge positive impact on family life!

Lightbulb moment
You may already have the answers

Simply working with words can be difficult, especially if your family has a tendency to argue, so we can work creatively in family work.

We may draw something, use role play together – hot seating swapping characters, using sandtray, we may use story telling and many other experiential means of sharing what is happening for each of you within the family.

Creative work tends to unlock your unconscious feelings and because it switches off the self-limiting beliefs you may have in your rational thinking such as 'we always argue', 'what's the point, she'll never change?'.... it can provide hope and opportunity going forward and uncover automatic ways of behaving you didn't realise were happening.

So if your family is willing to give change a go and is able to listen to each other without constant blame – we have a recipe for hope of change and I can be alongside you in considering what is needed. Just click the button below, share your details and I shall get back to you.

Working online for family work does limit what can be done a little. It can still be helpful but is probably only suitable for families who have a level of self-control. If your family can become engaged in highly emotional situations quickly, where you may struggle to actually listen to each other, online working is unsuitable at this time. You may be better seeking family counsellors/therapists who are working face to face. Your GP may be able to help with a referral to someone suitable or you could search online for the association for family therapy and systemic practice www.aft.org.uk.

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