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'Counselling with Helena has enabled so much positive change within me and my life.  It is truly incredible to start to understand myself, my beliefs and feelings and to start to value myself, thank you!'

Lindow Counselling provides face to face integrative counselling services to clients in Wilmslow and a variety of settings for family work.

Counselling services for adults or children and families - only delivered via Zoom at this present time

Integrative Counselling



Counselling is client led and as the client you are an important part of the process.  Alongside you, I will guide you in looking at whatever is causing you difficulty at this point in time.  You've taken the brave first step in helping yourself to find a healthier outlook for the future and working together we can find some solutions and coping mechanisms to help.

We will be working together with you taking the lead as no-one is in a position to know what is troubling you better than yourself. Read more...


About Me


I am Helena Hodgson and am an integrative counsellor.  Put simply, this means I apply a range of theories which are appropriate for the client I am working with and relevant to the difficulties they are experiencing.  As we are all unique I find this useful as an alternative to ‘one size fits all’.   Read more...

My Specialisms


I have four areas of specialism although these are not exclusive as I work with clients with a wide range of concerns.


My areas of specialism are:

- Working with children and families.

- Working with clients whose lives are affected      by cancer.

- Pet/Companion Animal Bereavement and loss.

- Working with complex relational trauma