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My Specialisms


I have three areas of specialism although these are not exclusive as I work with clients with a wide range of concerns.


My areas of specialism are:


Working with children and families

Working with clients whose lives are affected by cancer

Pet/Companion Animal Bereavement and Loss



Children and Families


Over this year I will be working in a structured setting with children and their families.  I will be using a range of therapies, relevant to the child’s developmental age and the issues the child is facing.  I can also work with children and families in my private practice in Stockport.  Please refer to my work and training experiences for further information around whether you feel I may be suitable for you.



Working with Clients Affected By Cancer


I have been working with clients suffering loss as a result of cancer for several years.  I’ve also received excellent training in this area from Macmillan Cancer.  Please look at the details about me for further information.


Pet/Companion Animal Bereavement and Loss


I have a special interest in companion animal bereavement.  Having experienced this myself previously, and again very recently, I feel this is a very difficult area for those suffering loss.  I feel there is a shortage of services offered locally for people who need to share at the very difficult time of losing a beloved animal. 


Issues around euthanasia pose very difficult emotional dilemmas, such as ‘Was it the right decision?’ ‘Could I/should I have done more?’ 


Sharing with those close to you who may not understand can cause further upset as ‘It was just a pet, why don’t you get another?’ These are sometimes typical comments from those who don’t understand. 


There can be limitations on a bereaved person being able to safely express their grief.  Practical issues such as being unable to take time off work, not feeling you can discuss how upset you are – all causing blockages in the grieving process.


You could also be suffering when caring for an ill or elderly animal and approaching that uncertain future where you know loss is inevitable.


I offer a caring, supportive environment where you can share your feelings about your impending or recent loss.  You can use the space to help unburden yourself of the whole range of emotions you may be feeling at this time.  


Sometimes we are able to work through our grief over time, with the support of those close to us.  Unfortunately, for some, the mourning process can become stilted as a result of the circumstances of the loss or the situation we are in and the shortage of people we can genuinely share with.  If you need extra support, I am here offering it at this difficult time for you offering a professional counselling service.


Pet Bereavement Support Group – Creative Therapy


For those who may not feel counselling is for them, I am offering a pet bereavement support group with sessions of creative therapy.


The aims of this group are: 


To help facilitate your grieving process.

To provide a support network through shared experiences

To remember you beloved animal


Pet Bereavement Therapy - Support Group

For further information of the outline of the course please contact me.



Below are some links which may be of help at this difficult time:

High Peak Pet Funeral Services.  Local pet crematorium providing an excellent, dignified personal service for your beloved pet


Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.  International body, promoting best practice in pet burial and cremation.

Websites hosted by a local vet listing a whole range of pet services throughout Cheshire.


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