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Integrative Counselling


Counselling is not advice giving but is about self-discovery of the true issues concerning you.  The counselling process is built upon the relational bond between counsellor and client and is created through trust and understanding.   You are an integral part in how the process evolves.  We explore the thoughts and feelings which you are comfortable sharing with me, in a safe and supportive way with confidentiality being paramount.  We work together with you taking the lead as no-one is in a position to know what is troubling you better than yourself.  


As an integrative therapist I can draw upon the theories which I feel will suit you specifically.  I tend to work using person centred therapy in order to establish a therapeutic relationship and then choose relevant interventions from other theories such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or Transactional Analysis Theory as appropriate to your needs.


Sometimes you may need an independent listening ear to share your concerns safely.  The worry of causing your loved ones emotional stress can make you feel like you are a burden.  This can limit who you are able to share your concerns with.  Counselling can fill this void and provide support, allowing you to explore your difficulties without feeling you are emotionally harming a loved one.


I work from a comfortable space in South Wilmslow but, due to the current restrictions and challenges associated wit coronavirus, currently I prefer to work via Zoom for the safety of both my clients and myself.  I can also provide one to one work walking in the countryside, walking therapy, where this is appropriate for my client.  My working via Zoom enables me to be able to provide a service to clients who may live far from my practice.

As the success of counselling depends greatly upon the strength of the counselling relationship between therapist and client, I offer an initial half hour consultation for free.  This intial period is used to look at how we could work together and to see whether we both feel I can meet your needs at this time.  At the end of the first half hour, we can decide whether we feel the counselling service delivered by me will suit your needs.  If not, you are free to leave owing nothing.



Counselling Fees


An initial session for a counselling hour (50 minutes) costs £35.  If you feel I am the right counsellor for you, future sessions are £45 per counselling hour or £55 per 1.5 hour session.

Couples sessions are offered on a joint basis and sessions are charged at £60 per 1 hour session or £75 per 1.5 hour session.  Sometimes it may be appropriate to see couples separately and I would charge my 1-1 rate as above.

Families (up to 3 family members via Zoom) are charged at £65 per 1 hour session or £80 per 1.5 hour session.  If it is appropriate to see individual family members or couples from within a family the rates charged would be that of the 1-1 or couples rates as above. 

I offer concessionary rates for students, clients in receipt of state pension and for longer term work (over 8 sessions).  Please contact me for further details.


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