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About Me


You may be wondering what makes me suitable to be your counsellor?  I will share a little of my life experience and also my qualifications.


I consider myself to be a genuine and caring person and I wanted to work in a way that can help other people.  I embarked on a career with the police spanning thirteen years, working with victims of crime, people in very difficult situations and people who had experienced trauma in their lives.  I worked in South Manchester with a wide variety of communities and this wealth of diversity has benefited my understanding and helped build my non-judgemental attitude towards others.


For nine years of my police career I specifically worked with children, young people and their families.  I worked delivering education, restorative justice and also signposting people to further support.  I enjoyed working in this way, helping people to work through their problems and this naturally evolved into my becoming a counsellor.


More recently, for several years I have worked with vulnerable young people in a medical pupil referral unit, offering pastoral support to those that need it.  I have experienced young people who self-harm, with suicidal tendencies, with addictions, young people with depression and often low self-worth and a whole myriad of reasons for being unable to cope in mainstream education.


I have been counselling for Macmillan Cancer Support for several years.  I thoroughly enjoy this role and it has been wonderful to work with such resilient clients.  I work with carers, survivors and patients.  I also work with clients receiving palliative care with life limiting conditions.  Although my clients come to see me as a cancer service provider, their concerns often lie around a whole array of life’s concerns such as relationship issues, depression, addictions, domestic issues, sleep problems etc…  I have learnt so much from the wonderful people I’ve experienced working with at Macmillan and hope to continue in this role for years to come.


I feel my privileged experiences afforded by my career choices have led me to a point where I now have much to offer to people in emotional distress.  My counselling training, life experiences and genuine, supportive nature mean I can now offer a professional, beneficial counselling service to those that need it.


Counselling Experience

It is hard to write an exhaustive list, as one difficulty shared by a client can be linked to several further areas of their life which actually underpin their presenting difficulty.  This highlights the complexities in unravelling our concerns and trying to make sense of them.

I can give a flavour of some of the experiences my clients have shared with me:

Domestic Abuse


Sexual Abuse

Marital Difficulties

Relationship issues

Bereavement and Loss

Lack of self esteem/low self-worth


Body image after cancer treatment

Experiencing cancer treatment

Approaching end of life

Loss of sense of self

Caring for an ill loved one


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‘Thank you for all your help and kindness.  You were a lovely person to talk to.’

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and support over the last few weeks.  You’ve made a big difference and I appreciate it very much.’

‘I feel like you’ve picked me up, brushed me off and set me on my way again.  Thank you.’

‘Just to say thank you so much for all your help.  I can’t begin to tell you how much emotionally and physically better I feel, it’s wonderful…’

‘From introduction to ending the process was unhurried, transparent and comfortable.  I was able to explore and challenge my feelings, thoughts and behaviours in a safe and supportive environment.  I was kept on track and so could make the most of my time in counselling. The counselling experience has enabled me to be calmer and more confident.    I now have more equal and fulfilling relationships with others.  It was hard to be open, feel challenged and move away from how I had been previously - but so worthwhile.  Thank you.’

‘Thank you for all your hard work listening’

These are comments freely given to me by clients I have worked with.  Some are via cards, some verbal and some via email to my manager at the hospital.